Thursday, 27 April 2017

Legend behind the Vashistha Cave in Rishikesh

According to ancient hindu scripts Vashistha has divine cow “Nandini”. Nandini cow has powers that she can fulfill all the wishes of here owner. Once King Kaushik (Later became famous as Vishvamitra) came to know about this cow and tried to capture this cow forcefully. When he failed to do that he killed sons of Vashistha. Sage Vashistha tried to end his life in the River Ganga. River Ganga refused him and send him back. Arundhati (wife of Vashistha) liked the place and decided to stay there. It is believed that this is the same cave which was used by Vashistha in ancient time. No wonder many people feel amazing while meditating in this cave. There is also small Shivlinga inside the cave.

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