Wednesday, 10 January 2018

MotorBike Ride in Uttarakhand

Adventure of Motor Biking requires a sturdy bike that fits personality of the mountain roads and its rider, and the best road to get on the challenge is the Garhwal region of the state of Uttarakhand. Different gems of adventure on roads less travel are potent combination to blow the senses away with surprise.Leaving the city behind in train and riding away its tremor in the lap of Mother Nature would hardly come effortlessly, but it nonetheless is exciting to go Motor Biking in Garhwal. The trip through the different villages and town of Garhwal is dotted with the shrines, as well as the other usual attractions of Himalayas, viz., rivers and confluences, mountain ranges and well known peaks, ski resorts, meadows, hilly thickets and glaciers. Both pilgrims and adventurers can find a way to admire what draws them to this sanctity.

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